This is what we want to be providing to our Clients and Candidates. Our core business is identifying and assessing outstanding executives and recruiting them into senior leadership roles anywhere in the world.

1.Listen and Understand

Each assignment begins with an initial briefing from the Client. During which, we understand what their key business drivers are, key performance indicators for the role, discuss the business environment, culture and document their requirements.

2. Define

We then draft a position and candidate specification. This specification describes in detail the company and its vision, the role and responsibilities. Also, the key goals and challenges of the position. It also summarizes the experience, qualifications and key competencies required for success.

3. Identify

With this specification, our researchers and administrative assistants will start work behind the scenes. At their disposal is our unique and proprietary global database which we will map against a Client’s requirements. We speak to a network of executives familiar with the industry to seek informal views and opinions on individuals we believe may be relevant and qualified. Online and offline advertisements also complement our search for passive and active job seekers in the various markets.
The assessment of key competencies will form the basis of our assessment of potential candidates throughout the process. Our consultants will conduct a rigorous interview and validate the candidate’s fit against the position specification. We assess the general suitability of the potential candidate’s work style and ethics in the Client’s business environment and fit within the team’s dynamics.

4. Present and Offer

Once we have shortlisted a list of potential candidates with the best-fit, engaged them on an informed basis and determined that they are interested in the organization and role, we will prepare a candidate summary and recommendation for the Client.
After the client has interviewed the shortlisted potential candidate and selected a preferred candidate for the role, our consultants will conduct a thorough reference check to further measure and assess competencies, strengths and weaknesses. This will provide our client with formal external views of the individual.
Our consultants are available to participate in any negotiations during the offer stage. Unsuccessful candidates are promptly and professionally informed.

5. Review

We retain an interest in the executives we have helped to recruit well after they have taken up their new positions. We make ourselves available to the Client and Candidate placed to help with integration in whatever way we can.
TalentStork will also actively seek our Clients feedback and identify any issues. This enables us to learn from in order to serve better the next time.